EARS WIDE OPEN is the blog of composer and music professor Scott Blasco, a forum in which to share thoughts and readings on music, present recently acquired recordings/scores/etc.

There. I used third person. Done with that. If you’d like more, my professional presences on the web are found at scottblasco.com and soundcloud.com/scottblasco. From here on out I’ll go with the less formal writing style.

I used to keep a fairly active blog, but it’s been several years since I shut that down, having grown uncomfortable with the personal/confessional nature of personal blogging. My mission here is different: to present and explore my thoughts and experiences as a composer, listener, occasional performer, teacher… all of the things I do professionally, but which I undertake while still human. While exploring and discussing artistic thoughts and endeavors is certainly personal in a way, I hope to make this more of an intellectual/philosophical platform from which to do so, and leave the personal confessional business to those better constituted for it.

Art should be adventurous. Art should be dangerous. Welcome to EARS WIDE OPEN. Please stand by.

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